About me


Mike Rivamonte

Lives and works in Miami, FL

1996 University of Alabama – Huntsville, Huntsville, AL

(Five years in a row)
2008-2012 Spectrum 15- 19: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art  Hardback Annual.

“A New Direction” Modern Luxury: The Art Issue. December 2017, Pg 148 
“Striking Sculptures” Make: . Volume 53. October/November 2016, Pg 17
“Florida’s Newest Roadside Attraction: A Nine-Foot-Tall Robot Named REX.” WLRN.com, July 2013
“Automatonic ” American Craft Council.   December/January 2013 
“Geek Up-cycling” Wired.co.uk, 2010 
“Retro robots and the remembrance of futures past”, WWW.cnet.com, 2011

Martin Z. Margulies, private collection, Miami, FL
Mário Ferreira, private collection, Porto, PT
Mark Parker, private collection, Beaverton, OR
Joseph Calamari, private collection,  NewYork, NY
Fusion-Io, Corporate Headquarters, Cottonwood Heights, UT

4th CSA Annual Fundraiser is hosted at Renamor, Tuxedo Park, NY 
The Annex presents RCS: 51- 75 Exhibit, curated by the BABA Collective, Miami, FL

The Art of Joyride, Boca Raton Library, Boca Raton, FL
Joyride: the journey from sculpture to Children’s book, Solo Show, Swenson Gallery, Miami, FL

Spectrum 2014, Museum of American Illustration at Society of Illustrators New York, NY

3rd Annual Art Unveiling Event ‘Three Faces of Miami’ ,Conrad Miami Hotel, Miami, FL

Overture Contemporary Art Fair • Scope Pavilion, Sensory Evolution Gallery, Miami, FL

Toys Re-invent. Re-imagine. Re-discover., Annmarie Sculpture Garden, Donwell, MD
Artful Evenings, Fund raiser for Bakehouse Art Complex, Coconut Grove, FL

The Art of the Robot, Mulvane Art Museum, Topeka, KS
71st Ramble in the Park, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, FL
Maker Faire, Collaboration Exhibit, San Mateo, CA

Rocket Man(Solo Show), Museo Vault, Miami , FL 
Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy, Japanese American National Museum & LATDA, Los Angeles, CA
Recently Acquired, Miami Dade College: Kendall Campus Gallery, Miami, FL
Imaginary Friends, Latzero Fine Art Gallery, Orlando, FL
Littlest Sister 09, Spinello Gallery, Miami, FL


Artist's Statment

"Objects are very powerful and can evoke recollections of memories and experiences. Time machines - symbolic, historical, we identify them as a part of who we are or were and assign them significance and value. They can be personal or collective and pass from generation to generation or across cultures. I explores these relationships introducing some viewers to objects that have made the journey through time and reconnecting others to memories of their past.

I am drawn to their individual tales and aesthetics. Some bear the marks of time: wear from use, decades of weather and countless years forgotten in a barn or attic. Others show evidence of their former owners – a child’s name, a tradesman’s initials or skilled engraver’s dedication.

In the finished piece, bolts and screws are hidden to enhance the illusion of the parts creating a harmony. Viewers share their knowledge and experiences with objects they discover in the work and this ultimately becomes integrated into its universal collective story of each piece."