Autumn in China

In a quite spot among row of seats of the international terminal of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport I was sketching in my notebook. The steady stream of hurried passengers and announcements faded away as my mind focused on my new project.  The night before I had received an email from a collector asking if I would be interested in building him another sculpture. I few years back I had built him a robot could also play music. It took almost a year to complete and was well received. This time he wanted a robot that played music for his wife. She added that she would like it to be female. I told them I would like to sketch some ideas and when I return from China.

I was traveling to China to continue my studies in Tai Chi and to do some exploring. I knew enough Mandarin to make friends and get myself into trouble. 

I took a break from sketching and was on my way to enjoy my last Western meal when I discovered the latest issue of Maker magazine was out with an interview I had done during the Summer. I was elated and took it as a sign that this was going to be a great trip.