I went to China to continue my study of Taiji Quan, 太极拳, and explore. I did learn lots of tai chi, made many friends from all over the globe and learned a little more Mandarin. But as far exploring I just barely scratched the surface. I have a whole new appreciation of Chinese culture especially the language and calligraphy. I have a feeling this experience will influence my art. Studying Tai Chi has improved my life in so many ways. 加油!


My destination is Chen Jia Gou, the birthplace of Taiji quan (Tai Chi), in Henan Province, China. I am traveling with group. Everyone in the group is either a student or teacher of martial arts. Our flight to Shanghai was very long but you make friends and getting up and stretching is also a big help. While we were going to our next gate a large display of live crabs caught my eye. I was quite surprised to find out you can purchase live crab and have it steamed right there to take with you. Each crab was neatly tied up with string. 


Autumn in China

In a quite spot among row of seats of the international terminal of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport I was sketching in my notebook. The steady stream of hurried passengers and announcements faded away as my mind focused on my new project.  The night before I had received an email from a collector asking if I would be interested in building him another sculpture. I few years back I had built him a robot could also play music. It took almost a year to complete and was well received. This time he wanted a robot that played music for his wife. She added that she would like it to be female. I told them I would like to sketch some ideas and when I return from China.

I was traveling to China to continue my studies in Tai Chi and to do some exploring. I knew enough Mandarin to make friends and get myself into trouble. 

I took a break from sketching and was on my way to enjoy my last Western meal when I discovered the latest issue of Maker magazine was out with an interview I had done during the Summer. I was elated and took it as a sign that this was going to be a great trip.