Rivamonte brings sculpture to life in Joyride

This year is moving so fast. Seems like yesterday was Summer. Last week I was in Marathon, FL. The night sky was fantastic because it is far away from the city lights of Miami. The  the sky was full of stars and you could easily enjoy the Milky Way. Occasionally a shooting star would put on a show for us as we fished and talked on the water. I kept being reminded of how amazing it must be for Marty and Otto to be up there exploring the stars and see things we only dream of.

The Kickstarter project is finally up and running but there is so much to do. We still have to finish our video for the project. I am having the best time illustrating the book. Working on their expressions and setting up the spread. It is by far the most fun and the toughest task. You want everything to be perfect and magical ... that requires lots of revisions, color studies and patience.

Lastly Miami is having a Mini Maker Faire!!!!! Nov. 16. I got approved to bring Marty and Otto sculpture, It is going to be so much fun