Marty and Otto


These two little fellas have been making me laugh for years. I thought it was time to share them with everyone.

In 2009 was building sculpture for a show when I thought how fun it would be to put a whole bunch of aliens in a flying sauce and call it "Joyride". Well when it came down to the actual build there was no way to fit more then two - Marty and Otto.

Oh yeah - their names. I spent about two months (felt much longer) figuring out names for them. I had to write a bit about who they were so I could understand what names fit them best. So I wrote and drew them. I drew them from many angles and I made up situations for them so I could decided how they would react. Whenever my girlfriend and I would go out to dinner, we would be pitching names and writing them down while we waited for our server or the food.  We filled pages and pages of name combinations until something just clicked.

I decided it is now time to take these two off the pages of my sketch book and make them. I chose clay because it is more forgiving to me and I need the practice. Once the pedestal is done I'll shoot some final photos to post. And then we'll get down to the task of sending them off on their first adventure...