My Book Joyirde is now live on Kickstarter


Only Nov 25th - Dec 25th

Off we go! I am so excited and pleased to be writing this to you right now. After months of work, writing, planning and all kinds of amazing things the project is live. I am asking for funds so I can print 1,000 hardcover books 11 x 9 inches with dustjacket. I am using traditional offset printing so you can enjoy the wonderful illustrations I have painted for you.
There are other costs as well photography, scanning and proofs, ISBN, barcodes, storage and shipping the books to me for fulfillment.
To pay for this adventure I asking for your help. In return I am offering you very unique rewards that you will not find anywhere else - many of them made by me to you. Every book sold through kickstarter will be signed by Marty, Otto and myself. This project will only last 30 days
Support this project if you can. Or please forward it to some one you think would enjoy adventure.
This is project is a labor of love I am very happy that I can offer to share it with you.

Warmest wishes,